For this post, I decided to do a little comparison of solving a common programming problem in three languages that I have experience writing in and one language that is new to me. I want to compare the approach to solving the problem for each language and go over some of the differences. Read on →

I have been spending a lot of time writing code in Vim recently as I have been delving deeper into the wonderful world of Ruby development. I have also been using Tmux for window and pane managment and have found that the two programs go together quite nicely. Usually when I am coding in Vim and Tmux, I am running iTerm in full screen. On my MBP I need to keep an eye on the battery level but I don’t want to break my workflow to mouse to the top of the screen to peek at the battery percentage on the menu bar. So, I set out to create a Ruby app to display my battery level right in the Tmux status bar. Read on →

The differences between the Apple iOS platform and the Android platform and the users that prefer them can lead to much debate. There are just as many similarities as there are differences between the two platforms. Outlined below are some of the differences users should be aware of when deciding between using an iOS device or an Android device. Read on →

Now that I have things straightened out after the reinstall on my Mac Mini, I have migrated my blog from GitHub onto my website domain. I like this much better than redirecting to my GitHub page. Now I can work towards adding more in depth Ruby functionality in other pages of my blog. This took a while to get migrated because after I resinstalled OS X onto my Mac Mini, (upgraded to RAID SSD’s) the app broke and would not deploy. Then I put off fixing it for a while to work more on my Android app. I am to a good point on the BaristaLog app where I can hold off on adding more functionality and refining the UI until it is tested more thouroughly. So now I am woking more on my Ruby-Foo.

I am starting week 2 of development for my next Android App, BaristaLog. This is a productivity app that will be useful for barista’s working at coffee shops and for coffee enthusiasts that like to make specialty coffee at home as well. It will have timers for different types of coffee devices and a log for barsita’s to capture notes for times and settings that produce the best cup. The log notes will be sortable by best rating for device and best rating for coffee used. I have been working on creating this app using a BDD/TDD style workflow. It seems to take a bit longer to get features implemented but it is nice to have the tests in place when I start refactoring parts of the program. Read on →

My attempt to use Maven, Cucumber, Robotium, JUnit and Jenkins together with Android.

As i grow as a developer I am always trying to learn new techniques and tools, and I try to implement them into the projects I am currently working on. I have recentley benn on a TDD/BDD/QA kick and have been looking for an excuse to use a bunch of these tools together without too much disaster. I am starting another Android app to be released to the Google Play market. This seems like a good oppurtunity to add TDD/BDD to my Android work-flow. Read on →